Sunday, June 22, 2008

Frank Rich: Declare Victory and Come Home

There is a big difference between understanding history and getting stuck in the past. Some older folks have a tendency to see the world through their bifocals. Others are sensitive to the past with a full awareness of today's reality.

Frank Rich is dead-on when he points out Iraq is not Vietnam. This is not the 70s and pulling out will not make the Dems weak on defense.

McCain doesn't have the exclusive on these notions, Pelosi, Reid, Clintons, etal are stuck in that time period. They really need to exorcise those demons.

My father will turn 72 in July. He served his country and is a pretty smart guy. He keeps sharp by being engaged with politics, sports and (much to my horror) pop culture. He knows far too much about Britney and Beyonce. He, on occasions, forgets where he puts his keys. 

My daughter one day asked me how old is McCain? 71 I responded. She gave it some thought. "He is the same age as PopPop,  that not so old" she replied.  Would you really want PopPop running the country? I asked. A hearty laugh ended that conversation.

Do we really need McCain looking for his keys to the Oval Office? 

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Hmmm...if history is foretelling--the vice president will manage the keys ;)