Monday, April 09, 2007

Don Imus falls on his microphone

Don Imus spent a good portion of his show falling on his microphone. He apologized again. And again, and again.

At one point, he shared with his audience, his conversation with a black minister. The bottom line of the conversation was since you know better, can you image what the neocons are saying?

This is a great point.

Face it, Don Imus is a white man living in America. He is permitted second and third chances. I only know this because of his reported struggles with substance abuse. How many young black men are given a second chance? How many are given a good first chance? The judicial system is flooded with young black men who the system has simply written off. Whereby, in similar cases a white parent is given courtesy of a phone call.

As for the nappy hair, black women have been putting toxic waste in our hair for years to "relax" our tight curls, to fit into Corporate America. The healthiest move I made a year ago, was to braid my hair. I am in position to make that change. Some of my brothers and sisters do NOT have this luxury.

Compounding the problem is the Rev. Al Sharpton. The only purpose that Imus' appearance on Sharpton's show was to increase his ratings. If Rev. Sharpton wants to address problems in the black community, how about the loss of lives in the black inner cities?

Before the self-righteous MSM pile on, they really need to check their behavior and assumptions. When you see a black man walking down the street, do you cross? Do you bother to make eye contact and say hello?

If you see a black woman at an event, do you assume that she is part of the help?

I bet you the lady Imus receives a "May I help you?" versus simply being ignored when she goes shopping. Worse, is followed around the store?

These are elements of daily living white America takes for granted.

Cut me a break.

The only good thing that has come from this mess is a discussion about race.

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