Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is it over, yet?

Recently, I have the pleasure of spending time with some old friends. Because of our insane schedules, it has been a constant struggle. Since we are in the middle of our journeys, the time has become more sacred. Tonight was no different.

My friend and I dined at a local restaurant, the food and atmosphere was perfect. We grew up in the insurance industry together. We have seen each other through career, relationship and family ups and downs. After reminiscing, our conversation turned to our country.

He, like many in my little world, is concerned with the folks who pretend to be in charge. He can't wait for the debates tomorrow
night. He just wants Shrub's term to be over. Shrub is just tiring. To call him, incompetent, inept, and evil would be redundant.

With the exception of the 29% of the population who STILL support Shrub, I think my friend has plenty of company....

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