Thursday, April 26, 2007

Brooks, Obama, Niebuhr

The current occupant of the White House prided himself in not being "well read." Shrub has not challenged anyone's intellect.

Isn't refreshing, that someone seeking to become the most powerful man on the planet is studied.

Is Brooks trying to impress us with knowledge of Reinhold Niebuhr's work while taking a shot at Obama?


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Chuck Blanchard said...


I had the same reaction as you about the column (that it got tiresome toward the end once he started taking pot shots at Obama).

But what is interesting is that Brooks has written several times about Niebuhr (one of my favorites), and I think he was genuinely impressed that Obama had read Niebur. I also think that Brooks insight about Obama's politics being influenced by Niebuhr is dead on--and makes me greatly respect Obama.