Sunday, April 08, 2007

Imus must go and take baldheaded Bernie with you

I am thinking about having the Dumbass of the week Award. Behind every bit of humor is always a touch of truth.

To trash the ladies from Rutgers and call the winning team beautiful is just typical. A sociology lesson here would be redundant. Pointing out white beauty versus black beauty is painful at this point in our nation's history. Millions of dollars are spent trying to unkink our hair to walk in the white world. The best thing I ever did was to stop dumping toxic waste in my hair. My hair, sense of self and attitude are healthier.

Imus has every politician from both parties kissing his ass. Harold Ford, Jr. was a regular during the election cycle. Why? He has a ton of listeners and viewers. His shtick is to be mean. Racism is just another form of nasty. He gets away with it because he makes the radio and TV stations money. Period.

He crossed the line, AGAIN. If you are offended contact his sponsors. Even if they don't care, they will pretend to care if there is enough noise.

Be polite, but contact them.

This week's winner is Don Imus.

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