Thursday, April 12, 2007


Digby makes a wonderful point. I seek out the so called liberal media. I find it on the internet not the airwaves.

Like the spectacle of Anna Nicole's baby daddy drama being breaking news, journalists have lost their way. The media outlets are more focused on what's sexy versus what is news worthy. If the decision makers did their homework put out news, their profit margins would increase radically.

The pundits are more concerned about dinner party invitations that putting out real news.

For those who actually want to do real journalism, they should be given the resources to perform their jobs in a competent manner.

As for the dialogue of an old white man versus young rappers disrespecting black women, let's face facts, black women are on the bottom of the food chain. Throughout our history, we have been seen as objects to satisfy someone's sexual desire or held in contempt fear of being a sexual threat. I wish my sex life was interesting as many assume.

There is a reason we are so many different shades. Many of us have bloodlines that reach back to white slave masters.

The owners of the record labels are white men. Our young black men don't realize that once again they are being exploited by white men AGAIN. When they shit hits the fan, the first thing that happens is the "Insiderism" journalists blame you my young brothers. It is time to connect the dots.

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