Friday, April 27, 2007

First Debate

Last night I attended a dinner party for women in the insurance industry, so I missed the debates. I ran into ladies who helped me throughout my career. I was pleasantly reminded of the times I was lucky enough to return the favor. I was humbled and honored.

What was striking, were the inroads we ladies have made. Many of my peers are in key positions. Twenty years ago, the most we could hope for was to be the supervisor of the secretarial pool. Joining me were two of my apprentices. For this generation, having a female boss is normal. They were stunned by the war stories that were being tossed about.

In expressing her enjoyment of the event, one apprentice asked me if men have similar events. I told her to close her eyes and think about our corporate org chart. "Oh" was her only response.

Which leads me to last night's debate. By time I made my way home, the debate was over and the pundits were providing their opinions. Surprisingly, Hillary was given a ton of props. I am not a fan of Hillary the person. But as I woman, it is always good to have a woman hold her own in that forum.

She, nor any of the boys, stumbled or made a splash. Let the games begin.

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