Saturday, April 07, 2007

This is not the old West, It's West Philly

Charles Baldwin was one of the good guys. He was scheduled to get married. He coached little league. Now he is crime statistic.

The neighborhoods in Philly are in trouble. This is madness. Gun control has to come to Philly. Any of those NRA gun-packin' legislatures who continue to challege Phily's right to put an end to this senseless killing should have to live in the quiet neighborhood of 58th & Pine for a week.


Sebastian-PGP said...

Just like making drugs illegal hasn't fixed the scourge of addiction, taking guns away from law abiding folks isn't going to solve Philly's violence problem.

In fact, it'll make it worse--the bad guys will still be armed (just like addicts will still have drugs), but they'll know the good guys are disarmed. Look at how much more violent Maryland is than Virginia. Same demographics, same part of the world (heck, they separated by a muddy creek of a river), but the bad guys leave VA to come rob people in MD because they know we're disarmed here in MD.

Gun control isn't the answer. Building a better society that doesn't create violent people is.

vinnie said...

Years ago my Kindergarten teacher taught me that it "takes two to fight". One of my classmates taught me that if I don't fight back it only takes one to kick my ass all over the playground. After I fought back once I never had to again.
The second lesson stuck.
In 38 states you must be issued a permit to carry a concealed weapon if you are not a felon. Most of those states have lower crime rates than those that do not allow CCW.
Guns exist. Nothing can change that. Bad guys will always have them, laws do not stop law breaker.
Look at England. It can't stop guns and it is an island.
The best thing to do is scare the crooks. They don't know who can fight back and who can't.

Sailorcurt said...

Considering that most of the violent crimes are committed by a very small percentage of the population, the obvious answer in my mind is to put violent criminals in prison and leave them there.

As Sebastian said, gun control laws only disarm those inclined to obey such laws...i.e. the law abiding. Violent criminals typically aren't among the class of individuals inclined to obeying ANY laws.

Sally Hemings in Paris said...

My guess is the core of the "gun problem" is drugs.

It may seem a little nuts, but if the state controlled the drugs like they do alcohol, the violence would drop llike a rock.

I never consumed drugs or alcohol but it seems silly continue to treat drugs different from alcohol.

Until that is addressed, controls in Philadelphia must occur.

When the founding fathers demanded the "right to bear arms" they were concerned about an invading army. Correct?

Along the way, this has been lost over time..

I have friends who have enough "guns" to outfit a small militia. They worked and paid for them. They do not live in an urban environment. They learned how to shoot before they could run. OK.

They have enough sense not get loaded (no pun intended) and play with their toys.

Phildelphia changing her laws would not extend to other communities.

Why? Because of folks such as yourself, who are passionate about the subject would not permit it.

Thanks for reading.