Saturday, April 07, 2007

Moon over DC: Shrub discards balance of his term

Typical frat boy prank. Shrub dropped his pants, bent over and told Congress and his employers to kiss his fat ass.

Before he departed on yet another vacation to his fake ranch, Shrub appointed his Swiftie boy to the represent our country in Belgium.

There was no way this appointment was going to fly. So after bitching about Congress being on "Spring Break" he pulled this stunt.

Does he think that a change didn't occur in November? The people have spoken and continue to speak. Only Cheney and the neocons support the decisions of this administration. In order to lead our country out of the abyss, there must be cooperation from our these two branches of government. This will not happen as long as this child resides in the White House.

Hey Shrub this is not your college frat house. This is my country you are f@#$ing......

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