Tuesday, September 11, 2007

JR Reed

Young Mr. Reed has entered Philly sports lore. He has joined the ranks of Herm Edwards, Bill Bergey, Harold Carmichel and Randal Cunningham. Unfortunately, he will not be looked upon with much affection.

Being a true believer, I was convinced that the Eagles could manage to pull a win out of their collective backsides Sunday. The defense played well. The offense was not offensive.

What killed the Eagles was their special teams. For years, our special team was not sexy, except for David Akers if you talk to my daughter, but just a quietly productive unit.

For reasons known only to Reid and Jesus, our special teams unit are suddenly suspect.

It is understood that the punt returners are like fire fighters. It takes a truly unique individual to run into a burning house. A punt returner has to have the presence of mind to know when to go after a ball, field it all the while ignoring, a pack of 300 lb men running toward you at full speed. That is a whole lot of physics.

It was painful enough watching Greg Lewis who has NEVER served in this capacity try to keep his legs from shaking as he was just terrible. Then it got worse.

I didn't even know we had a JR. For what was to become the last play of the game, Reid served up JR REED. GB punted the ball poorly, Reed called a fair catch. No problem. Then the wheels fell off the Eagles bandwagon. He started toward the ball.

It was like a guy explaining to his girlfriend that she didn't gain that much weight. You are screaming stop, stop, STOP.

Well, you know the rest.

Coach Reid, go find a punt returner or two before the next game, PLEASE.

On a very serious note, football is a violent sport. Just ask Buffalo's Kevin Everett. He has been earning a living playing a sport that he loves. He has provided entertainment for people like me who love this sport. Believe it or not, I never get used to seeing guys get carted off the field, even Cowboys.

Everett is in a hospital fighting for his life. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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