Sunday, September 02, 2007

Rookie hurls no hitter in Second Start

Oh man, I wish I could have watched it. There is a certain energy that emerges when everybody senses what is happening.

Even the other team respects what is unfolding before their eyes. There was no doubt a hush in the crowd around the sixth inning. No one dared to speak on it for fear they would jinx it. Even though Bucholz was in just his second start, he has been around the game long enough to "just know."

Surrounding him are players who dig inside themselves and focus.They watch the ball coming off the bat. Each routine play is in slow motion. They hold on to the caught ball just a little longer.

Who wants to be responsible for screwing up a no hitter?

I'm convinced all you heard in the dugout in the ninth inning were the buzzing of lightning bugs. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

Hooray for Bucholz. He joined a small club of seventeen rookie pitcher who threw a no hitter. This is what the game is all about!

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