Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rape and Torture in West Virginia

"Crimes You Won't Hear About From O'Reilly
Dave Neiwert at Orcinus nails it in this post. In the past few months the right has been obsessing on terrible crimes that minorities (usually illegal immigrants) commit against whites, but Neiwert bets this crime will not appear anywhere on their TV programs or blogs. In fact it will probably get little if any play in the MSM. A black woman in West Virginia, kidnapped and held for a week, stabbed, forced to eat dog and rat feces, and repeatedly called the N-word, and more, much more.

The point Orconus is making is that people are capable of great cruelty. The fact that whites tortured this black woman should not be an indictment of all white people, just as the fact that some illegal immigrants have harmed or even caused the death of some American citizens should not be used to indict all illegal immigrants.

As an aside, my wife and I spend a lot of time in West Virginia where we have a cabin. A year or so ago I asked my wife, who is African American, if she is completely comfortable when we go to town (which for all practical purposes 100% white, as is the entire region). She said most of the time it's okay but when she's alone she has heard derogatory comments. I wasn't aware of that and I asked why she hadn't told me before. She chuckled and said she only tells me things that are unusual."


God bless my buddy Trakker. Clearly he loves his Nubian Queen and has so for a long time. The racism that the average minority experiences on a daily basis when they simply are trying to get through the day is not noteworthy. Have things gotten better? My goodness yes. But it never ceases to amaze me what people say out loud and see no harm in it.

White is always the color of choice.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a family gathering on my Dad's side of the family. When you look to around you see the ignored middle class BLACK America. We have a Federal Judge who is married to a college ENGLISH professor. One cousin has at least 100 patents and has seen parts of the world in his corporate travels that most folks don't know exist. Another worked in research and development for DuPont. Hewitt & Packard recognized the operational talents of another cousin. We all use humor to mask the hurt that we have all faced in attempts to climb the corporate ladder. We laugh at how quickly we can receite our CV's. In not so subtle ways, our expertise is always challenged. We have to be better than our peers.

We are not aberrations in our community. Our stories are simply not sexy. We don't fit the profile. We all grew up in rural America, went to church, fought for a fair education and our parents were married. Our parents and grandparents were involved in our lives, we have command over the English language.

Our ancestors paved the way for us. But the painful reality is that if my male cousins took over a neighborhood, it is assumed the property values would go down. The fact that they all have degrees and make upper five to six figures is meaningless.

People see color first. White is automactically acceptable. Blacks have to prove their value.

It stopped being amusing long time ago.

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