Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tag Banned

In sane environments, recess is the forum of self governance. Kids pick teams, clubs without adult intervention. Kids know who can run fast, who can hit the ball, who can sing and who can't. Is it a popularity contest at times? Ah, yes.

There are times when a child is not picked. OH WELL. The greatest advice my Dad gave my daughter, who very upset about not being picked to join a recess club, was for her to form her own club. Who the hell likes to be rejected? Nobody, but that is part of life.

What is happening now is parents are reliving their childhoods through their children. The result is children do not learn how to work issues out with their peers.

Fast forward to the work place. Employees who were raised in the trophy generation, (Every kid gets a trophy for just showing up.) do not learn how to work matters out with their peers. Worse, they tattle and pout when they don't get their way.

By the time these kids from Colorado enter the workforce, I will be retired or dead and I will not have to deal with them.

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