Saturday, September 01, 2007

Define Handout

To say the climate at my gig recently is amusing is an understatement. The gentleman, whom I affectionately refer to as the Chief Executive Producer's official title is Mentor Producer. He doesn't even know what that means. Find that title on a normal org chart.

MP joined our company approximately two years ago as COO. His mission was to change the footprint of our division. The only change he managed to produce is the reduction of staff, clients and ruined morale. Eventually, he lost his title, some income and a whole lot of corporate respect.

He brought in two bozo who were contracted to streamline the process and ensure his new footprint was realized. They simply stole money and completed nothing. By the way, the bozos are part time DC based academics which is important to this little tale.

In a reflective moment, he decided his vision was good, the execution was a disaster. Yes, he even admitted to voting for Bush, twice.

I digress.

He determined the bozos have that academic DC "handout mentality." He further opined "they expect to be paid without doing anything."

Fact: MP is a 61year old white male degreed buddy of our president.

Fact: While he suffered a 40K pay reduction, he still makes 165K plus benefits.

Fact: Corporate only recognizes folks who have managerial duties or a book of business tied to their name/salary.

Fact: To protect his buddy, the president handed him my division's clients as a "book."

Fact: MP is the producer on accounts that have never met him.

As he was droning on, I began to laugh hysterically. He was generally stunned by my reaction. What's so funny? he inquired.

"I guess handout in is the eyes of the beholder," I offered. Suddenly, I only heard crickets on the end of the phone.

With that I informed him, I had to service his clients.

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