Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stepford Employees

Wow h/t to natasha@ pacific views

The goal of most employees is to survive to the weekend. When you arrive at work, you hope that your access key/code still works.

Whew! Cleared that hurdle.

Then if you are lucky you run the gaunlent to your office.

Whew! Cleared that hurdle!

Sit down and your log in still works!

Whew! Cleared that hurdle!

Then you spend the day responding to the gazillion e-mails from clients and upper management.

Whew! Cleared that hurdle!

Find time for food and a potty break.

The check arrives the 15th & the 30th. The name of the company changes weekly, but as long as your name is on and it clears, its all good.

Hopefully, your commute isn't too painful but for most it is a daily grind.

But you are supposed to be grateful that your gig has benefits and has not been outsourced......

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