Thursday, September 06, 2007

Made in the USA, Boycott Mattel

We outsourced manufacturing jobs to ensure low, low prices. Our reward has been the loss of working and middle class jobs and toxic toys.

To compound the problem this administration reduced our taxes. Those low, low taxes guaranteed a smaller government. The problem with this incredibly flawed appproach is no governmental oversight resulting in bad food, unsafe work places and shaky infastructure. Furthermore, CEOs have record breaking salaries and the average citizen's salary has failed to keep pace with the CPI.

Before we raise taxes, we need to look at where the money we are sending to DC is being spent.

When was the last time that you received more than a 3% raise?

The debt is off the charts, our food and toys are not being inspected. Relying on businesses to police themselves is naive and lethal.

Here is plan, if the toys are more expensive and safe, your kid will SURVIVE is they don't have as many. In the meantime, boycott Mattel until they clean up their act.

We need to think more like citizens and less like consumers.


Trakker said...

Like suckers, we keep buying into the "small government" argument, watching government oversight over the quality and safety of our food and consumer products disappear.

The Republicans keep assuring us that "the free market regulates itself." Bullsh*t! Your kid gets lead poisoning from chewing on a toy from China. She will be a vegetable for the rest of her life. You would sue but you need $50,000 up front. Sorry.

Not that some pieces of silver would ever make up for the health of your child.

Susie from Philly said...


Sally Hemings in Paris said...

My fear is too many kids will suffer before citizens "get it."

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of having NO choice but Chinese goods, while according to CNN ((2/2/08), there were 269,000 manufacturing jobs lost in the USA in 2007. This Saturday, I tried to purchase a new pet bed for my growing adopted kitten. I went to Petco, Pet Supplies Plus, and Petsmart. I could not find ONE pet bed manufactured in the USA!!!! In fact, their stores are filled with Chinese-made products almost exclusively.

I finally found one at K-Mart. It took over 2 hours, here in a major city like Cleveland, Ohio. Standing in these stores made me realize just how much the Chinese have taken over,just how deeply we've signed away America's economic future vitality and how American consumers keep buying this crap at their own peril!

I'm done! I'm done buying Chinese--we owe them trillions and only exacerbates our already looming financial crisis The so-called "economic stimulus" package will only benefit the Chinese further. The piddly amount in these rebate checks will be spent at places like Walmart and Target, freshly filled by container ships from China. Bush is fiddling while Rome burns!

Where can I join a campaign to buy, as best I can, only products made Americans and that benefit manufacturers that stay in the US?

Kathryn in Cleveland, Ohio