Sunday, January 07, 2007

Don't let the door hit you in the ass, T.O.

The 'Boys crashed and burned last night. Before the HazMat team could clean up the wreckage, T.O. felt compelled to share with the world, quarterback Tony Romo was sobbing in the locker room. Was that really necessary?

If you are T.O. it is...

Only by leading this franchise to a Superbowl will stop the thought loop of the fumbled perfect hike.

As Seattle's coach, Mike Holmgren pointed out in his post game press conference, a short field goal is a pretty routine play.

Why was Romo the holder? He was the backup quarterback at the beginning of the season. This is part of the job description.
Until last night he was part of a near perfect field goal unit.

My heart aches for Romo. He is a young quarterback and may never recover from that play. He doesn't have the next week to exercise this nightmare. He has to wait an entire off season.

However, Jerry Jones, owner of the Cowboys gets exactly what he deserves. He brought in T.O., who became a major distraction.

From his Lance Armstrong imitation to his failed alleged suicide attempt, it was all T.O. His future contracts should come with the OSHA mandated MSDS labels.

Romo did not cost the Cowboys their season, Jones did. BOOOOOOO

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