Saturday, January 13, 2007

Underachieving Spoiled Loser Brat

Sane adults are taught by family or peers that you can not always have your way. Life experiences generally teach normal folk that constant instance gratification is just not healthy.

43's need for instant gratification led to:

substance abuse problems

sudden departure from the military

career failures

surprising run for the White House.

the facata war in Iraq

play the guitar while a state was under water

abuse of signing statements

Every family has a underachieving spoiled loser brat. The USLB causes problems and the family SWAT team swoops in repairs the damage he or she has created.

Normal families would never leave a child alone or worse put him in charge of an organization that could jeopardize the lives of others people's children. Normal families is the key to this equation.

There always comes a time in the USLB's life that he thinks knows best. This is when the real problems start. Because the USLB never faces the consequences of his actions, the natural maturing and socialization process never occurs. Most USLBs never get in a position to cause real problems. The risk exposure is limited to a small arena.

It should be a surprise to no one that the nation's USLB authorized the military to stop Iranian support of Iraq. Whatever that means. Do you believe the cries of this administration? Weapons of Mass Destruction, mushroom clouds, grrrrrrrr.

Punks punch first. Adults start and finish with diplomacy. Military force is only used when necessary.

This is all part of our USLB's neocon driven foreign policy.

When a subtance abuser's family and friends have had enough they perform an intervention.

41 tried to orchestrate the intervention by coordinating the Iraq study group.

The USLB has to acknowledge his problem in order for the healing to begin. The USLB is slow to face his problem when he has surrounded himself with codependent advisers. Cheney, Rice, McCain and the every present Lieberman are the star enablers.

In order to save the world from the USLB, the citizens must demand an intervention by Congress with the only option available under our Constitution, Impeachment.

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