Saturday, January 13, 2007

Maybe Next Year

Maybe next year is the mantra of the Eagles fan. I really hate those three words. They rank up there with "it's not you, it's me."

The Eagles turned things around after stumbling in the middle of the season. The defense found their spirit. The offense rallied around Jeff Garcia after McNabb went down, again.

Instead of the Eagles management whining about about the fans not showing them love, they need to find away to keep Jeff Garcia next season. With McNabb's history of season ending injuries it would be a smart move. Lurie and Banner, two rich nerds who managed to pull together enough money to buy a team, expect the fans to genuflect in their presence. Worse they complained and it hit the papers today. The Eagles fans are making Dumb and Dumber a ton of money by supporting the team. Rich, socially retarded and just stupid.

Newsflash gentlemen, just because you own the team, doesn't mean you are the team. Your whiny-titty baby attitude reminds people why you were never picked to PLAY on a team. The women or the gay fans still don't want to have sex with you. Get over your unresolved high school issues. I digress.

The Eagles played one hell of a game tonight. It was smash mouth football at its best. Few mistakes were made. However, the penalties were costly.

Both teams ran a balanced offense. Reggie Bush and Deuce McAllister are young solid players. If they managed to stay healthy, they will cause a lot of problems for defenses for years to come.

Garcia and Westbrook performed well in a very loud stadium. In the end, it was obvious the Eagles defense ran out of gas. Playmaker Brian Dawkins was a non-factor.

I watched the final game in a small theatre with my best friend, two very handsome cops, the theatre owner and old lady who bragged about making out with deaf boys in her youth. (They did not hurt her reputation, because they didn't kiss and tell. Her words, not mine).

The cops were on duty. They managed to watch the game with little interruption. I guess the criminals were watching the game. To watch the game on a room size screen was awesome. We all moaned when Sheldon Brown drilled Reggie Bush on the first play of the game. It was fun watching the game with other fans, until the end. The mood of the room reflected the play on the field.

The Saints earned the win. I am not in that "zen" place of acceptance of how the Eagles came back from the dead this season. No Superbowl. No Championship. Season over.

Oh, well. Maybe next year............

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