Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sex on the First Date

The netroots community channeled their energy into action with an eye on changing the landscape in our government. They raised a ton of money for the 2006 election. Additionally, they organized ground troops, who knocked on doors, performed lit drops and got out the vote. Mission accomplished. Sort of.

The Democratic party took their money and resources and continue to summarily dismiss them. It is appalling.

Before I proceed, here is my disclaimer: I have, what is deemed, a real job, with a great benefits package. I donate time and money to progressive causes and candidates. My best friend is a working class blogger. I love my newspapers. Because of my insane schedule, I began to rely on her blog for up-to-date, accurate information. As I watched her readership increase, she struggled physically and financially. Some of her readers responded when she held a fundraiser, a few subscribed. What I did witness, more often than not, was the annoyance from her readers at her inability to keep a real job. Or, they were inconvenienced when she did get a "real job." The dreaded Catch-22. Readers wanting the benefit of her labor but did not want to pay for it. Go take a paper from the local 7-11 and not pay for it and see what happens. HMMM a microcosm of the new political world order.

My point is, the Republicans are willing to support their worker bees and mouthpieces. Anne Coulter came out of nowhere to represent the voice of the neocons. Hell, Rick Santorum landed a job in a think tank after losing his job to a netroots supported candidate. My guess is they have health insurance.

What do Dems do when one of their own needs assistance? They provide the following lecture: " My goodness, if you just put together a prettier resume, you can get a real job with benefits like the grownups. In the meantime, give your time and money to the "Consultants" who have not won anything in years." This is intellectually offensive, pretentious, and just plain silly.

Political activism is a business and should be treated as such. What is so wrong with applying a few business practices to your cause? Provide a living wage with basic benefits to those working for the cause. Those who put their nose up at this model have no idea what it is like to be middle America.

The netroots gave their money to the Dems on the first date thereby creating the rules of engagement. The Dems now call when they are looking for in effect a "booty call." Unfortunately, there appears to be gratitude when the call comes. Your time and resources have value.

As my daddy always told me "Keep your panties up, girl. If you have sex on the first date, you have defined rules of the relationship." A good old-fashioned unfair double standard.

The next big event has begun. Now is time for the major players in the blogosphere to change the climate again. My advice to those who weld the most power in this community establish your rules and enforce them.

In the meantime, go find your panties and stop acting like the fat ugly girl in the corner grateful for male attention.

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