Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sleeping with the President

Our gal Hillary has tossed her hat into the ring. So what!

It would be great to see a woman run the country but not this one, not yet. What have I missed?

This is worse than a spouse stepping in to run a company after the other spouse dies, because there is more at stake. Just because she slept with a President occasionally for eight years does not warrant an entry to your resume.' Bedroom experience does not translate into executive expertise.

The MSM has talked about everything BUT her lack of experience.

Don't get me wrong, she is very smart and has a machine that can raise money. Sure she was an active First Lady. But the horrendous way that she managed her health care program is an indication of her inability to manage a major project.

I would never put her in the same category as Fat Barbara. However, it was common knowledge Nancy was a key player in the Reagan White House. That doesn't mean she was electable.

Her resume is not much stronger than Barack "He is so fine" Obama. Worse she voted for the war and did not move off of that position until last week. Her current position is that she will support our troops but not the Iraqi troops. That sounds too much like a "Kerryism" to me.

In time, both MAY be qualified to serve as President. At this moment in time we can do better.

Our country is a mess and I would feel better with a man or woman with a little more wisdom running what is left of our country.

Hillary, you will serve your country well by being a team player. Build your resume' by serving your New York constituents. Raise a boatload of money for a qualified candidate.

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