Friday, January 12, 2007

Mercy Rule

My daughter was a cheerleader in high school. She had to cheer for the worst football team in the league. The football team was so bad, the "mercy rule" was used in every game.

What is the "mercy rule"? If the winning team is ahead by 30 points at half time, the clock will continue to run in the second half to speed up the game. The mercy is more for the fans than the players.

I gave my daughter and her posse of cheerleaders credit for smiling and cheering for a losing effort. At no time during the two wretched seasons did these kids give up. They showed up every game gave 100% with enthusiasm. The kids were talented but the coach of the team was incompetent. The fans knew the coach sucked and should be replaced. However, they paid their money to support the kids.

Finally, the fans rose up, made enough noise to have the coach removed. The next season, the football team won their league. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Watching the White House's head cheerleader, Condi Rice's performance during the hearings took me back to my daughter's cheering days. With a smile on her face she was trying to convince anyone within earshot, to rally around Bush's latest plan. I was waiting for her pull out her poms, poms and shout " Defense, Defense."

The plan is calling for more of the same. Bush is hell bent on starting the next world war. He even put Syria and Iran on notice. Did I miss something? We are not winning in Iraq. Our military is in shambles. They were sent to fight a manufactured war. One wounded or dead soldier is too many for this futile effort.

Bush refuses to listen to generals on the ground. He refuses to listen to the SWAT team sent in by 41. He simply ignores his employers who sent him a clear message in November. He is fucking crazy. What I don't understand is why Condi continues to cheer for this losing effort.

This is not a game.
This is not a cold Friday night in a stadium.
There is no mercy rule.
The cheerleaders and football team returned home after each game.
They were not forced to return to the stadium after their time was up.
The only thing at stake was school pride.

The threat to our national security does not reside in the middle east. He lives in the White House. Impeachment is the only option.

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