Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lovestruck, as usual

I read Phil Sheridan's article with amusement. For years, I have said that my love for the Eagles is like an affair with a bad boy. You know the relationship is bad for you, but you keep going back. It is as if, he has overheard my conversations.

As the game came to an end, my daughter, the family optimist was a mess. I was holding her son, explaining to him why Andy Reid was letting the clock run down to 3 seconds. With the return of Koy Detmer, to the field goal unit, the knot in my stomach was loosening. Her son slobbered with a smile, as he watched his mother in prayer and ignoring me.

Blessedly, Automatic Akers delivered. He nailed the kick on the rain soaked field with room to spare. Eagles win by three.

Jeff Garcia has done an tremendous job of infusing passion into this team. He is passionate and fiery leader. The team has found their leader. Garcia's leadership coupled with a balanced mix of running and passing plays helped turn around the struggling offense.

The defense has returned to their deadly best. In the last quarter, Brian "Superman" Dawkins literally took flight to make a drive stopping tackle.

Tiki Barber cited playing against MLB Jeremiah Trotter as contributing factor to his early retreat to the broadcast booth.

McNabb was on the sidelines showing his support. When the Eagles offense struggled in the first quarter, the cameras panned to McNabb reviewing the photos. He was going to offer his wisdom, I guess.

A telling sight was Garcia politely retrieving the photos. The sight of McNabb pouting was not pretty. The transition is complete.

As the march to the Super Bowl continues, Garcia has earned the respect of his teammates and the passionate Eagles fans.

Fly Eagles, Fly

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