Saturday, August 30, 2008

"I didn't want to interrupt your moment"

At the announcement of the McCain pick, my cell phone lit up like a Christmas tree. One friend, an former Republican and early Obama supporter could not contain himself. Being a former Republican there have been and continue to find ourselves on opposite sides of many issues.

We both embrace our heritage, he is Jewish, but do not use it as a weapon, kindred spirits.

It is not unusual for him to call after a political "moment." I told him, I was surprised not hear from him after the Obama acceptance speech. 

"I just knew this would be tearful important experience for you, and I wanted to give you your time." 

Both of us got choked up and weirded out, so we just laughed at ourselves and talked about lighter stuff.

We are living in historic times and I am blessed to have friends and family to share it with.

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