Sunday, August 24, 2008

USA Men's Basketball, Golden Behavior

The last time my sleep was interrupted was during the primaries.  The Olympics disrupted my sleep this summer.

Watching the basketball team fight for their Gold medal was worth it. The LeBron James led team was a welcome change from previous teams.

This team committed to the Olympics three years ago. They embraced the responsibility and honor associated with their selection.

They supported the other USA team members. They got it. Being on the Olympic team was privilege not a right or worse an inconvenience to their spoiled lifestyles.

To ignore China's government sponsored athletic mills which smacks of child abuse would be irresponsible. They are a political and economic powerhouse. 

I digress.

The Redeem team put their citizenship first. They played well without showing  up their opponents.

The payoff was a well-deserved Gold Medal.

Well Done Gentlemen.

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