Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mendt: is there a Jackass Penal Code

Larry Mendte shamed award winning local newsman plead guilty in federal court for hacking into his co worker's e-mail. This guilty plea was followed by a press conference. Being a public figure I suppose it was appropriate for the theater.

What wasn't appropriate was his need to essentially blame the victim. Late night dinners are inappropriate? It is a common practice for me to travel with my happily married male coworkers all over this country. Grabbing dinner after traveling to, preparing for and spending time with our clients is a common practice. (For the record ladies, their hot). However, to imply a sexual relationship would derail our successful working relationships. As the VP of my division, it would undermine my credibility.

Our relationships are more like siblings. Yours truly,  being the older sister.

Working with members of the opposite sex for our generation is so common it is not a big deal.

For Mendte to travel down the  "it fell apart after I dumped her" part negated his apologies to everyone, particularly Ms. Lane.

Didn't he notice that judge was a WOMAN? Or was she smitten by him too?

Her attorney's response was swift. The video tape of that performance will be used in the civil proceedings for the victim and the divorce from wife number two.

The counseling is not working, because the only place Mendte is going to work is in this city is the theater in a one-man Greek tragedy of his life.

This was a front page story but it should ran in the obituary section because his newscaster career  is dead.

Maybe he can be a news reader on Fox Kansas.

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