Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vacation from the crap

Since I was walking around with a constant fire in my belly, taking a break from politics was critical to my mental and physical well being.

The weather has been fabulous in the Philly metro region. This year I spent quite a bit of time at the pool. It is amazing how kids try to kill each other with their parents watching. The life guards are not paid enough.

I hung out with my nephews, Eagles training camp and the Philadelphia Art Museum. New friends by extension, a friend's posse of in-line skaters. Let's be clear, I meet them for food, two wheels is enough for me. 

When I am in town, I generally ride at least 15 miles per day before I venture into work.

Of course my baseball team, we were knocked out in the semi-finals in a rather ugly loss to our nemesis, groan. The tournament in Florida should serve as a forum for redemption.

Love the Olympics. Michael Phelps.....8 gold medals, hooray for him, hooray for us.

I really didn't mind Bush hanging out in China. When he was over there, he was leaving my country alone.

I am pecking away, in my tiny room in St. Louis waiting on a client, the official end my summer.
Drury Inns seem to be popular in this neck of the woods. It's clean, not good for the claustrophobic.

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