Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kids, Prisons, Bad for us

Kids do stupid stuff, loiter, cut school, get into fights in school. In most instances, a call to a parent, an in-school suspension, COUNSELING are usually workable solutions.

Too often in urban settings, kids are shuffled off to the criminal justice system FIRST. Worse, the schools they enter on a daily basis are filled with armed guards.

How about putting that money into cleaning up the schools, providing books and guidance counselors? These kids are conditioned to being in prison. Is this anyway to learn?

Most suburbanites take these things for granted, it is a luxury in urban and RURAL schools.

Where is the money flowing in these communities? The criminal justice system.

Mental illness has a terrible stigma attached to it. If someone  is depressed or has experience some type of abuse, they are told to get over it. The collateral damage is horrendous and it spills over to multiple generations...It surfaces in acting out. Where? School.

Are the parents covering up their pain with drugs, alcohol or sexual addictions?  The kids become codependent and deal with their pain through their own drama. A vicious cycle.

Who hasn't lost a friend to suicide? Or witness a friend or family member's inability to keep a job because of untreated ADHD? They can't get treatment because they have no access to care.

Let's start with accepting mental illness as a societal problem because it is....

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