Saturday, August 30, 2008

Michael Jackson, Sad tragic figure

I grew up watching the Jackson 5, in particular Michael. Any TV appearance generated buzz with my friends. We did not have the luxury of You Tube, so you had to park yourself in front of the one color TV to see them.

I'm not sure at what point the wheels came off. His childhood was snatched from him by his father's thirst for success. We enjoyed and celebrated the family from the steel town of Gary, Indiana. But hanging out with small boys when you are not longer a small boy is simply socially unacceptable. Where were they parents?  I digress.

My two classes of psychology do not make me an expert but there is something mentally wrong with MJ.

We should be saluting his musical contribution to the world. My grandson wiggles his backside to MJ's music.

But I'm sure, instead of wishing him a happy 50th, I'm am not alone, wondering if his kids are safe.


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