Saturday, August 23, 2008

Senator Joe Biden: The Smart Old White Guy

I fell asleep with my TV on last night. I wasn't sure whether I was dreaming or wishful thinking when I awoke to the news of Obama's VP choice.

I was thrilled.

Senator Joe Biden is truly one of the good guys who made it. At times, I have wanted to choke him. But his words are evidence of his generation.

Has he blundered? Ah who among us hasn't? 


Armed with new information concerning the lack of WMDs, he wisely acknowledged his mistake and came out against the war.  He has been offering sound resolution to end this fiasco for years. 

He is a working class Joe, who managed to raise his boys while performing his job. He doesn't have to throw back shots to celebrate to be one of the boys.

He can offer a difference of opinion without being acrimonious. Will he punch back? Absolutely. Will he reach out to across the aisle to get something done? You betcha.

Like or not, there is an element of our population, struggle with a black man in a position of authority. Adding a woman to the ticket would simply too much for these citizens.

Obama needed the smart old white guy. Biden is a wise strategic choice. Unlike, the criminals in currently, holding high office, Biden will not set up a separate branch of government. 

He was dead on in his speech today. We don't need a heroic soldier, we need a leader.

As for the angry first wives club in our country, who somehow refuse to acknowledge Hillary's poorly run campaign.They really need to get over themselves. Hillary blew it and her sex had NOTHING to do with it. 

I want the soul of my country back. The election of this team is a critical first step.

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