Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Integrating Sports and Presidential Candidates

Sadly, those who are hurting the worst by the policies of the Bush administration and will suffer under the weight of the McCain's ever changing policies will either sit at home or cast a vote for McCain. Many live in regions where the economy is a disaster. So exactly what tax increases do they fear? Please.

Family values. Wife number two who doesn't even acknowledge her half-sister. Spare me.

Why? For the same reasons, minorities have been held down for years the color of their skin. 

At least in the Carolinas, central PA, the heartland of America do not couch it in nuances, their bigotry is heartfelt and sincere. For others it is no doubt deeper then they even know...Oh the Clintons come to mind.

I love my country but is far from perfect and our racist past, present and now is staring us in the face. Good. Acknowledging the issue is the first step of healing.

Our country is a mess. The world around us is very unsettled, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Georgia. The same old, same old is not good enough. 

David Baldwin's piece is wonderful as usual.....
BTW I love the sports analogy

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