Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welcome Home Surprise

When our schedules permit, a dear friend and I generally get together for food.

Being sympathetic to my hell week, he got my pulse for our evening plans. Our community is a ghost town in the summer, especially in August.

Getting a table at one of our favorite restaurants was a snap. 

Our city based in-line skater pals were willing to come ALL the way out to the suburbs to join us for dinner, was I up for it?

Getting a nap was critical to functioning.

I confess when we head into the city, I make him drive. Mileage wise it is only about 20 miles, but just a pain in the ass. You never know what you will encounter. Travel to the suburbs is on a summer Friday night is generally a little  more user-friendly.

The meal and the company was a wonderful welcome home.

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