Monday, May 05, 2008

The Convention: The End of Era

Each year the Bureau of Workers Compensation puts on a conference. Locally, this is one of better attended functions. It also serves as a reunion of sorts.

Years ago, I sat on the steering committee and as recently a two years ago, I was honored to serve as a speaker. I have chosen not to serve in any capacity. Why not give others a turn?

Today, I couldn't sit through one of the advanced sessions and was well bored. As I wondered through the exhibit hall, cheerfully greeted old colleagues, wondering: "My God, Why am I here?"
I am grateful to one associate who is kidnapping me for dinner, away from the conference.

The dance parties tonight will consist of plenty of music and too much alcohol. Leaving us to wonder: Whose career will end tonight? I don't drink.....

I guess I have just lost interest I will send two employees next year.

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