Sunday, May 25, 2008

More things I don't get.....

I try to spend at least one day a month with my older brother's family. Instead of heading "down the shore" on a beautiful holiday Saturday we attended settled on the Devon Horse Show. The proceeds go to the Bryn Mawr Hospital.

I confess, it was my bright idea. From the road you could see the ferris wheel, maybe there will be rides for the kids. My little community explodes with visitors, there must be something to this fair.  What the hell, something different. My folks, daughter and grandson joined me in this adventure. 

What surprised me was how much stuff they fit in such a small area. It was packed. The attire ranged from the old money dressed in old country fair attire to the jeans we were sporting. 

There were three rides, that's it. They didn't even have pony rides. We did spend a great deal of time looking down to miss the presents left by the horses. Surprisingly, the horse aroma did not mask the spell of the fair goodies.

There was standard fair food: ice cream, hamburgers, hot dogs, funnel cake, and FRIED OREOs. (Oh my God.....They should not be legal) combined with tea sandwiches and mint tea.

We watched small children and teenagers maneuver these large animals. We held our collective breaths as these kids performed their jumps. The risk manager in me had flashbacks to Christopher Reeves. The crowd cheered each time they cleared their obstacles.

It was fun hanging out with the family. The money we spent went to a good cause, but I don't see it as the hailed place to be...

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