Sunday, May 04, 2008

Frank Rich: Preacher Double Standard

Kudos to Rich. He sums up the reality minorities and women face in daily living. We have been and continue to held to a different standard than our white male counterparts. We have prove we are capable of performing a task whereby it is assumed the boys get the job done.

Hillary is running as a white guy. She points to her "experience." I'm still not sure what exactly that experience happens to be, other than being an unaccomplished bully. While I am not a supporter, I give her credit for running like the boys. The boys she is running like just happen to be Republican.

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Trakker said...

As much as I have come to despise Hillary, her tough, hard-nosed campaign has broken the glass ceiling and will make it much easier for the next female who wants to run for President. She could probably beat 90% of the male Presidential candidates we've had since 1976.