Sunday, May 04, 2008

Dowd: Black like, oh Whatever...

Whenever my daughter and her peers would get frustrated with a conversation, it would be abruptly terminated with "OH, WHATEVER!"

When I hear this endless blather about sticking Obama in a clearly misguided box, I want to scream "Oh, whatever." This nonsense by Maureen Dowd falls into that category. Why is it necessary for a black man to be comfortable swigging a Bud. According to my well informed baseball team, Bud is just awful. Or, maybe he doesn't like beer. Does that make him effete?

We know what a President who the voting electorate feels comfortable "having a beer with" looks like. I'll take someone who is SMARTER THAN ME and doesn't need to swig anything to get through the day.
What do you want Madame Dowd? He is not angry enough.  He is too angry. He is not black enough. He is not white enough. He is not wrapped in a flag. Is he posturing? He is not showing the traveling media enough love. 

Her boredom with actually working on this long than expected campaign is starting to show.

My head hurts.......................


Trakker said...

Maureen Dowd belongs in the Style section of a major newspaper, aiming her clever poetic jabs and snarky comments at pretentious Hollywood types.

She is one more reason NY Times readers are turning to blogs for their political insights. (Imagine our world without the Internet!)

Dave Baldwin said...

Hi Sally,

There were times in high school when I would walk by a table full of girls in the lunch room, and suddenly all the girls would be laughing hysterically. I would wonder: are they laughing at me? Invariably, there was a quipster in the middle of the group—some girl who had the dirt on everyone in school. Her role in life was to amuse her friends with her arch comments.

Those girls I remember are a lot like Maureen Dowd and D.C. village friends. Dowd never grew up. She is well paid to remain an adolescent forever. Nice.