Friday, May 23, 2008

Olberman: "Senator Clinton this is unforgivable"

It is no secret, I am a big fan of Keith O. I knew that he would rip Madame Clinton a new backside and he did not disappoint.

He could not contain his rage as his listed HRC's shenanigans throughout this campaign. He is dead on with his conclusion that she is not fit to lead our country.

Keith O our generations' Thomas Paine hit a home run tonight!

I heart Keith O.......


BeautifulBlkWoman said...

I heart KO too. I have said many times that I would gladly bear his children, give him hot, sweaty monkey secks
Intense philosphical debates
then be in the kitchen the next morning cooking hot cheesy eggs, grits, bacon, pancakes and fresh squueezed OJ for breakfast.

KO/BO 2008!!!

Sally Hemings in Paris said...


Your affection for KO surpasses mine!

Thanks for reading.


brendancalling said...

The only people supporting Obama are sexist elitist latte-sipping ignorant overeducated college graduate poor black people who are also white and voting for Obama because they feel guilty for being racists.

at least that's what i keep hearing. In any event it's difficult for me to be all of these things at once.

also, the moon is made of cheese, and my sideburns are made of spinach.

Sally Hemings in Paris said...


You have eloquently captured the essence of those voters who blindly following Obama. I do put vanilla syrup in my latte which I consume with my arugula salad.

I hope you and your son are well.

Thanks for reading my friend.