Friday, May 23, 2008

Great Happiness

Last weekend, a friend of twenty years and college roommate joined me on spa-retreat. Life got in the way of us just hanging out.  The Felicita Resort was our spa of choice. It was only a two hour drive from our lives. It is tucked away in a mountain. You really had to know where you were going or you would zip by it. 

Even in college, my full course load with my weekends spent earning my tuition, prohibited this down time. Of course my type AAAA personality didn't help. Looking back, neither one of us could figure out why I was speeding through my life.

At this stage in my life, I am finally slowing down to embrace what is important. Because of the time of year, we basically had the place to ourselves. Our rooms had a beautiful view of the golf course on the other side of the mountain. The beautiful gardens surrounded our lodge. The weather changed throughout the day but so what?

We filled in the blanks of the voids generated by our absences. She had a massage, I soaked in the hot tub.

We did not stay away from our lives too long. However, we committed to do better about staying in touch. I believe we will keep that committement.

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