Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Today marks the beginning of Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer.

My staff had hit their wall by the time I arrived today at 9 am. I have been pushing them hard recently, freeing them early was a no brainer. They (I) will scatter to the loving arms of their friends and family.

What is sad is we are a nation at war with faceless enemies who live thousands of miles away. The citizens who signed up for reasons known only to them are being exploited on many levels. How they are being held hostage via the backdoor draft is just awful. Throwing salt in the wounds is the lack care they received upon their return state side. 

A core component of our teams' business is managing workers compensation claims. We have a statutory obligation to make a determination on average 21 days, depending on the jurisdiction. A wage replacement check must be issued within that same timeline. Medical bills are to be processed within 30 days of receipt. Keep in mind these are occupational injuries and illnesses.

It begs to question, why on earth does it takes months even years to provide services to our wounded soldiers? Why do our soldiers have to go to press in order to embarrass the military into action?

McCain's failure to even show up to vote on the veteran's bill is reprehensible. To screw these citizens, because they will not stay and fight is criminal. Throughout our nation's history it was the volunteers who were the backbone of our military. We also have a sad history of treating our veterans poorly. This has to change.

What to do?

When you see a vet or citizen soldier, give them a friendly hello and a thank you. Their sacrifices give us the freedom to enjoy our freedoms.

Our elected officials will return home this weekend. They will be in or near parades. When they come up to shake your hand, tell them to remember why we have a long weekend. Start to bring the soldiers home and take care of them quickly upon their return.

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