Friday, May 23, 2008

She is brutal

During this long campaign, the Clintons revealed their true colors. Just when you thought, you seen and heard it all, Clinton speaks.

So what makes this horrible human being think that if something happens to Obama that she would be the candidate. There are other qualified candidates that we as citizens would be happier with...Richardson, Biden and Dodd comes to mind.

I'm trying not to despise her, my yoga is really not working.


Trakker said...

The Clinton's have bet everything they have, their wealth and their reputation on this final roll of the dice.

Now they find themselves cornered. They have lost the vast reservoir of goodwill they once had among African Americans, they have shown their true colors to the rest of America, their influence in politics has been badly eroded, and their future earning power has been drastically reduced (would you pay more than $5 to hear Bill speak?)

The only chance the Clintons have of salvaging anything is for Hillary to either win the nomination or to make a deal with Barack for the VP or some other high visibility postion in the Obama administration. I hope he says no to the VP position but it might be smart to promise her something else, just to prevent the Clintons from sabotaging his candidacy so she can run again in 2012.

Sally Hemings in Paris said...

Hey Trakker,

I hope life finds you well. Talk about a team of rivals.

I can't remember which cabinet member Lincoln eventually tossed out of his administration because he was always trying to undermine him....
Why does that have Clinton written over it?

Better yet toss it to Bill. Can you imagine those confirmation hearings.....LOL

Thanks for reading...

All the best.