Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Obama is Hillary's General Grant

I guess it never occurred to the Clinton Clan THEY ran a shitty campaign. They were off message and they managed their finances poorly.

I am so bored with their electability argument. They are losing several demographics, not just the ungrateful Negroes. How many minorities in Iowa? Please.

It is amazing how someone so unelectable is winning. The MSM media is feeding the myth of the Clinton Machine. Don't count underestimate the Clintons.

It reminds me of the media driven mythology of General Robert E. Lee. He was a good General. Hell, Lincoln even recruited him. Can you image the war with cable news?

General Robert Lee won several unfought victories based on the inaction of the incompetent Union Generals. They were afraid of his reputation.

The defining moment of the Civil War was a battle in Pennsylvania. At the time, both sides claimed victory. Lee never ventured back North and Meade failed to pursue him.

Eventually, Lincoln took a General who was winning in the west and put him in charge of his army. His tactics were unpopular and non-traditional. The press went crazy. (Sound familiar)

At some point at the waning end of the hard fought war, Lee had to surrender. He simply ran out of resources.

Lee was critical to initial steps at restoration of the Union. He put his country before his ego. Guerrilla warfare could have continued for years. His soldiers were loyal to him. Lee chose the high road.

Grant was compassionate and permitted the surrendering soldiers to keep horses so they could farm. He permitted an honorable surrender.

I'm sure Obama would be willing to give the Clintons a few horse and the manure they've been peddling and send them on their way.

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Mithras said...

This makes Hillary ... General Lee? Whoa. Funny.