Monday, July 21, 2008

Baron Pikes Tasered to Death

"I suspect Officer Nugent would have acted differently toward a white man under his control, but we'll never know, especially since Officer Nugent isn't talking to the press, and depending on what the Grand Jury decides, may never be called to account for his actions in tasering Mr. Pikes 9 fucking times in 14 goddamn minutes while Pikes groveled at his feet begging for mercy.
Jesus wept, it says in the Bible. I don't know if Jesus wept again after Baron Pikes died, but I'll bet his family did. I'll bet they cried for days on end. On the other hand, I'll bet that Officer Nugent did not cry after he killed Mr. Pikes by tasering him 9 fucking times in 14 goddamn minutes. Not part of his job description, after all. "

-Steven D (Booman Tribune)

How as a parent do you prepare your child from this type of treatment from someone who is supposed to uphold the law?

This is the messy racism facing colored folk daily....

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