Friday, July 18, 2008

Ohio Election Fraud

H/t raw story:

"Allegations surrounding Ohio in 2004

At the Ohio press conference yesterday, the former McCain adviser said Michael Connell, of the Republican Internet development firm New Media Communications, had designed a system that made possible the real-time "tuning" of election tabulators once Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell had outsourced the hosting of vote counting on the same server which hosted GOP campaign IT systems. He said he didn't believe Connell was behind the alleged fraud, but that he should be considered a key witness.
Spoonamore also confirmed he's working with Connell on overseas election issues and that Connell is now working as John McCain's
IT developer.
Connell has a
long history with the Republican Party's IT infrastructure. In 2001, for example, he set up for then House Majority Whip Tom DeLay. He also helped built, as well as the Ohio GOP site Spoonamore referenced.
Sources close to Spoonamore said he was very concerned that he would lose his contracts as a result of coming forward and would take a "large financial hit." These sources added that, despite his concerns, Spoonamore felt obligated to reveal what he knows to the public. "He felt he had no choice as an American citizen but to come forward, and he also knows the likely consequences of him doing so," one source said.
An audio file of the press conference is available

For this very reason, we need paper ballots, and election watch dogs. We speak of spreading democracy. Democracy begins at home.

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Found a video of the presser:

It is important to remember that 75% of Ohio 2004 voted with punch cards, not e-voting. See: How Kerry Votes Were Switched to Bush Votes, Votes were switched before tabulation, and vote switching may account for the down-ticket anomalies mentioned. Ohio 2004 requires attention to complexities.