Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oh What a Night? Josh Hamilton

I love the home run derby. It is great fun before the All-Star game. Chase Utley was representing my beloved Phillies.

I never heard of Josh Hamilton until last night. Who is this guy with the story predicted to win?

Selected first round right out of high school

Got caught up in drugs and alcohol

Tattoos everywhere

Found God

Returned this year after being out of baseball for three years


Adding to the theater was his choice of pitchers. 71 year old Clayborn Counsil. He pitched legion BP for his brother.


I'm not sure what I enjoyed more the beauty of Hamilton's swing or Boomer's fawning descriptions as he crushed the balls.

I'm sure there is an agent waiting in the wing to secure the movie rights.

Thank you for an awesome evening!

I wish you Joy Josh Hamilton.

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