Monday, July 14, 2008

Legacy of a Lunatic

h/t Nance Greggs.

I am amazed how many people that I encounter in my little world who still think Bush got it right.

Yes, they are walking upright.

This administration has done a phenomenal job of selling their policies. This is the one thing W succeeded at doing, snowing 28 percent of the population. Many of these folks have a media forum.

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Trakker said...

The awesome, budget-busting cost of the Iraq war/occupation will probably seal Bush's doom for generations to come. I suspect the U.S. is now on a downward spiral and will soon lose it's superpower title. The Republicans' mismanagement of our budget and economy might even result in a world-wide depression with widespread death and starvation, and George Bush will be identified as the main culprit.

Future generations of Americans may hate him even more than we do now. If so, I hope he lives long enough to feel our pain.