Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What Happened? Texan Two Step

When I wasn't sitting in a movie theater I knocked of the Scott McCellan book.

He is yet another member of this administration who has penned a tell all. What was striking was his habitual reference to being a Texan. His ties to Texas clearly was significant to him.

At one point, I felt that he was wailing "How could they screw an Texan"? What does that mean?

I suppose he hoped/expected/assumed, that his fellow Texans wouldn't screw him. I wonder if Scottie boy realizes that Texas is not a sovereign nation, it is one of 50 states.

There were no surprises for anyone who has been paying attention, just confirmation of what the bloggers have been writing about for years.

If you think someone is following you and you find out they are, it is not paranoia.

Bush & Company wrecked our economy, lead us into a war, ruined our world standing all because Bush just knew he was doing the right thing. Reflection is simply not in his vocabulary.

Too bad, no one had the courage to stop him.

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