Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Herbert: Oh Happy Day, For the Oil Companies

"One of the starkest examples of U.S. priorities came during the eruption of looting that followed the fall of Baghdad. With violence and chaos all about, American troops were ordered to protect one particularly treasured target — the Iraqi Oil Ministry. As David Rieff wrote in The Times Magazine in November 2003:
“This decision to protect only the Oil Ministry — not the National Museum, not the National Library, not the Health Ministry — probably did more than anything else to convince Iraqis uneasy with the occupation that the United States was in Iraq only for the oil.”
How convenient that the peculiar perspective of the oil-obsessed Bush administration can now be put to use advising the Iraqi government on its contracts with big oil."

Once again, Bob Herbert nails it. Did we forget, the guy who folks wanted to have a cup a coffee with is an oilman?

Far too many voters, vote against their own economic interest because cultural reasons. The Republican party kidnapped God and high jacked values during the Nixon administration.

The money being spent to retrieve the oil in Iraq will not be spent on the bridges, health care or new green initiatives.

Folks were outraged when Clinton and Company stole a few White House trinkets before they left. What we are witnessing with this band of theives is the theft of our economy. Worse the death and destruction of our war heroes and the collateral damage to their families.

If this is not the case for treason, I really don't know what is?

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