Friday, July 25, 2008

Mendte Man Obsessed

I was travelling to my own personal corporate hell on Tuesday when I caught a glimpse of this story. After two days of mind numbing meetings, I was able to dive into this story.

Larry Mendte is simply crazy. The target of his drama was his very attractive publicity seeking co-anchor. Ms. Lane had her own very public meltdown and is not working in her chosen field. I witness the backstabbing insanity the comes from the corporate climb but Mendte takes it to a new level of whacked.

I'm sure Mendte will or at least should seek mental help. So what, if his more popular co-worker was making more money. When your salary begins with a 7 and is six figures, get over yourself.

Snooping in this woman's e-mail is unbelievable. His wife probably thought he was in a chat room.

The arrogant egomaniac will lose everything. When you think you are the smartest person in the room, you most likely are dumbest.


Dave Baldwin said...

Hi Sally,

Naturally, I had to go a-googling on the internets to learn more about this hot story. Wow! What a sleezy tale. I had the same reaction as when I flip through People magazine at the doctor's office: I need to take a shower.

As I was reading, I had a thought that only three cities are truly comfortable with celebrity scandals: New York (entertainment and politics), Los Angeles (entertainment), and Washington D.C. (politics). These towns don't go over the top. They are somewhat cool when it comes to who's on the A list and who's not. I grew up in L.A. and I lived in the D.C. area for a while—I can vouch for those two. News anchors are not on anyone's A list. Those cities have much bigger fish to fry.

All other big cities that would like to be Number One—cities like Philly, Chicago, Boston, and Atlanta—seem to have a slight inferiority complex. When a story like Mendte-Lane comes along, I can see why it's a big deal in Philly. It's something to talk about, that's for sure.

Anyway, to your larger point about nut cases in the work place. Who hired Mendte, the psychopath, and Lane, the sociopath? It makes you wonder how far the CBS executives would go for ratings.

I notice you are filing this post under "dumbass." Good call.

Sally Hemings in Paris said...


Our inferiority complex dates back to the founding of our nation. The paperwork for the Revolution was drafted in Philly.

All of our real sports teams break our hearts on a regular basis. When did we win our last championship.

Philadelphia is known for being fat, dumb and crime infested, instead of being a city of ideas.

Boston has better PR. I digress.

As for these notable hires, it is typical of corporate America. The executive who made these wise choices remains in a position of authority.

You can't make it up.