Monday, July 21, 2008

Sophia Nelson: Black and Invisible

Ms. Nelson's essay sums up the blight of most my sisters.

We sit back with amusement when white suburban women struggle with their choices of whether to pursue a career or stay at home with their children.

All of the women in my life worked out side of the home or hustled a laundry or baking gig to generate extra money.

We are rarely invited to play golf with the boys. How many deals get cut on the course? When I am finally invited, I am their worst nightmare. "My God does she suck?" or worse "What if she out drives me?"

I recently had to explain to my CEO whom I am a direct report, that a sales rep wasn't my proxy. Furthermore, if he had any question to ask me directly. I have been managing this 10 million dollar division for 5 years....

I could go on....

Thank you Ms. Nelson

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