Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Walmart Broke Labor Laws, Again

I stopped shopping at Walmart years ago, when I learned:

> they locked their nightshift employees;

> put women on a different carrier path;

> failed to provide health care

> paid indentured servants wages

Unfortunately, there is a disconnect with our consumer citizens that Walmart's low prices are not good for their community. How many small businesses were put out of business?

The employees can't afford homes near these superstores. So they have to commute and be subjected to managerial behavior that harkens back to the Industial Age.

Compounding the problem, stores such as Walmart don't pay local taxes. Locally governments give away the store for fear another town will have the priviledge of their presence.

Walmart is a bad employer and neighbor.

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Anonymous said...


1. Why is it that when a new Walmart opens there are people lined up for jobs?

2. Prior to Walmart's arrival, were the small stores in the vicinity providing a) better pay and working conditions for their employees, and b) better serving their customers?

The hidden premise in criticism of Walmart is that their employees; of the available places to work they've made a less-than-optimum choice. I find that premise patronizing.

- GovtWork